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Refuge - Power Thoughts Series (Coming Soon!)

A Refuge Special Series

Enhance your Spiritual and Emotional Health


Join us as we examine 12 power thoughts that will enhance your spiritual and emotional health. Spiritual Maturity is the product of living according to the truth; but requires work. Information acquired by reading the bible undoubtedly brings value to enhancing our spiritual connection with God as we read the word. Acquiring Spiritual Maturity goes beyond only reading information. The process of contemplative spiritual devotion involves studying the word but meditating and applying it to the practical areas of our life by changing the way we think.

This series explores 12 power thoughts that can change the way we think. We will discuss the use of contemplative spiritual devotion and leverage the scriptures applicable to these topics, and work to apply them to our daily life. Each "Power Thought" has a scriptural "Power Pack"


Online (Zoom).

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