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LIFEhouse COVID-19 Response

Our plan and information

June 30th Update

We are planning to execute our staged ReENGAGE plan! We plan to welcome you back on July 12th (limited capacity).

Services (for now) are Facebook only

Livestream and Virtual Church Activities

April 18th Update

Over the last five weeks, God has opened the doors WIDE open for us to reach an unprecedented number of people, even though our physical doors won’t reopen until at least May 20 (You can read the latest info from the CT Governor regarding public health safety updates, including cloth masking coverings here). God is so faithful, and I’m excited to share a few encouraging numbers from our Facebook ministry videos (not even including YouTube, our website, and Instagram...and in case you’re wondering, no, we’re not on Tik Tok!), and stories to give you a glimpse of the spiritual work God has accomplished through each one of you participating in our online outreach efforts that we’re calling “LIFEhouse in Your Living Room.”

Video message from Pastor, March 18, 2020

Video message from Pastor, March 14, 2020

Letter from Pastor Dennis Brennan, March 14, 2020

Good afternoon;

In response to the growing health concern related to the COVID-19 virus, aka Coronavirus, we put out a communication on March 6 regarding our LIFEhouse response and new policy implementation. Since that time new information has been received from our federal, state and local governments and law enforcement agencies, as well as the health care community. As we have been digesting this new information, and seeking counsel from our Foursquare leaders, and our LIFEhouse leadership community. and after much prayer and seeking the Lord's direction, we are adjusting our LIFEhouse COVID-19 Response Plan as follows:

  1. We will not be conducting an 'open to the public' church service at our LIFEhouse facility (79 Maxson Road, Groton CT) this Sunday, March 15th. Instead, we will have essential ministry personnel only and broadcast our service via LiveStream on our LIFEhouse FaceBook page. Essential ministry personnel will be our worship team members for each service (those scheduled by the Director of Worship), our Visual/Sound team members, and one usher to emcee the transition to receiving tithes. Also, there will be no children's ministry (WorldChangers), or nursery available. This will be in effect for the next 4 weeks, through the first Sunday in April (April 5th). We will reassess our response plan the first week of April (4/6/2020) to determine if we will revert back to our normal public gatherings at LIFEhouse, or extend another couple of weeks, at which time we will provide another public announcement via email, social media outlets, and our webpage.
  2. Life Groups. We will be postponing all of our regular Life Group meetings for these next 4 weeks as well. Life Group leaders will be given instruction on how they may meet with their Life Group folks via electronic media options such as Zoom calling (you can conduct 40 minutes zoom calls for free with multiple participants). Let's get creative, and come up with new ways to connect?! Group chats?
  3. We will be postponing our "Bait of Satan" course which is on Wednesday evenings, for the next 4 weeks as well. New schedule will be forthcoming.
  4. During these next 4 weeks, Lead Pastor Dennis will be available by cell phone (860-334-6597), text, or email (pastordbrennan@gmail.com). He will also be available for visitations, prayer, etc., but these appointments will need to be scheduled through Carol Dye (860-718-5419). In addition, please reach out to us via our LIFEhouse webpage (www.lifehousegroton.com) and submit prayer requests, ask questions, etc. Someone from our Office Admin staff will get back with you in short order, or forward the information to me as deemed necessary.
  5. Please ensure you visit our LIFEhouse Facebook page, our website, and check your email regularly during the next four weeks especially, because these are the venues we will be communicating new information as we receive it and make changes to our response plan. 

Lastly, let's be the church of Jesus Christ; a people filled with hope, love, joy and faith. Let's shine our light so others may see this amazing hope in us, and perhaps ask us how we are so at peace when everyone around us is in fear-filled panic. May prayer is that will be reflect the peace Jesus demonstrated on the boat during the raging storm, and everyone around him was terrified, and panicking. May His peace which surpasses all understanding guard our heart during this time and be a beacon of hope to others. May they be touched, and liberated from their fears, and come to know Jesus as we do. Let's be the church of Hope in Christ!

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV)

Wholeheartedly serving,

Dennis O. Brennan

Lead Pastor/CT Area Pastor

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